A well-designed Wellington home: a brilliant investment

What gives your plot of land the 'one up' in a competitive housing market? Is it the fancy furnishings, the pretty views or the dandy neighbors? These perks are lovely, but they're not always elements that you can take control and action over. That's where we come in... Architects offer an advantage to Wellington homeowners [...]

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Does smaller equal smarter?

Defign recently brought out an excellent blog about 'downsizing' in housing, and the concept of smaller homes. We've prepared our favorite pieces from their article for your consideration today. Who knows, these might be the starting points that could totally transform the image of your dream home! You can read the full, original article and [...]

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Holidays on the Horizon: Designing the Ideal Deck

Sick of being cooped up indoors? We're sure that the rest of New Zealand can relate to you there, especially as we wave winter a less-than-fond farewell! Kiwis adore the outdoors, and we'll jump at any excuse for a poolside BBQ with a few cold ones. Christmas has crept up on us again, and we're [...]

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The top benefits of hiring a Wellington Architect

When you consider that the average human spends 80 percent of their life indoors, it makes sense that your own personal slice of 'inside' should be be as perfect as possible! Your special space should reflect your style and way of life, as well as be tailored to suiting your growth and the growth of [...]

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Planning a reno? Here’s how to and choose a draughtsman

Adding on to your existing Wellington home is an exciting project, and one best left to the experts. A skilled and talented Wellington draughtsman can seamlessly integrate new spaces into and around your home. To achieve this renovation, you'll need to work through a process with your architect, so let's take a look at that [...]

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Organic architecture: your home and nature united

If you've found the perfect plot of land upon which to build your home, but find yourself baffled as to where to place the home itself...we can offer a little inspiration. Seeing the beauty of your future-home's natural surrounds can sometimes give homeowners-to-be a sense of guilt, as they do not wish to interrupt the [...]

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Open plan architecture: yay, nay, or here to stay?

Originating somewhere in the 90’s, open plan living somehow became the go-to for homeowners the world over. Entertainment suite, lounge, dining and kitchen have united into one multi-purpose room that we just don’t seem to divide with walls anymore. It’s an especially popular architectural design choice here in New Zealand, as we kiwis love our [...]

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Picking the best building materials for your Wellington home

With so many choices of building materials and house components and parts available today, how can you ever know which is best for your home building or remodeling project? The answer comes from learning what you can expect of the materials or building components, deciding what you want to pay, and thinking about what suits [...]

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The Pros and Cons of a Building a Granny Flat

If you happen to have some spare space on your property the idea of a building a granny flat can be a tempting one. It’s a self-contained living space, sometimes attached to the main building, sometimes stand alone. Whether the goal is to accommodate an aging parent, banish an aging teenager, or perhaps just to [...]

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Talking to architects: getting the most out of a meeting (part 2)

Thanks for taking the time to read our tips regarding architect-client relationships and how to go about them smoothly. We've got just a few more do's and don'ts to share with you today, and we hope that they help ease the process of preparing you project!   Don’t go into an arrangement with your Wellington [...]

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