Going green in 2018: celebrating nature in architecture

Architects could be considered fortune tellers to some degree. This is because it is our job to first predict the future needs of our clients, and to then design a home now with those needs in mind. Whether it be the promise of future family-expansion, or the noble goal of designing an environmentally friendly space, the [...]

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Do I really need an architect for my Wellington renovation project?

As kiwis, we're often encouraged to just 'DIY' every project that crosses our path, be it repairs, restoration, or renovation. While it can be tempting to get on board with the DIY renovation movement (as popularized by TV shows like The Block and stores like Bunnings), there are a few questions we suggest you ask [...]

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‘Wellington-proof’ your roof with your Wellington architect

In addition to enhancing the overall aesthetic of any piece designed by a Wellington architect, your roof provides safety and security from the elements. Living in Wellington, you’ll know that proper protection from heavy rains and strong winds is a must-have for any Wellington house plan. There are a wide range of roofing materials available [...]

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Pros of the Pros: draughting services in Wellington

Why do you need an architect? Can a home not just be whipped up and ordered online, as most everything else can these days? Like a surgeon or a plumber, it takes a professional to get a job as technical (and ultimately rewarding) as a home to achieve, and achieve with prestige. Your home isn’t [...]

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Make some money back from your home with clever architecture

Looking for a clever way to make some passive income in 2018? After a summer of having a full house, you'll feel like you're walking through a ghost town once everyone disperses back to their respective schools, jobs, cities or countries. So, with all the empty space, it's time to make the most of the [...]

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The cold hard truth about ‘future proof’ homes

Designing your dream home in Wellington is an exciting adventure. It's an experience that will change you and shape you; offering a unique challenge that (together with the help of the talented team at Moore Design and Draughting) will leave you settled and satisfied in a home that suits you perfectly. So amid all this [...]

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Where to start with a stylish, personalised floor plan

Everyone's favorite part of the home designing process is, of course, the interior! It is within your walls that you truly get to express your personal style. Whether you're remodeling or building a home from scratch, figuring out an interior and floor plan to suit you perfectly is the passion of each professional architect at [...]

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Three more tips for maximising light in your Wellington home

Well-lit with a lightwell A lightwell is a space where a wall or portion of the roof is replaced with clear glass to coax more light into your home. If there are spots in your home wherein the sun could be soaked into more space, but you've got an opaque wall or roof in the [...]

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Letting in the light: Architecture fixes for shady homes (Series)

We all love to spend an afternoon in the sun once in awhile, and we shouldn’t have to leave our properties just to enjoy a little light. Unfortunately, thanks our hilly surrounds, many Wellington homes find that they are lacking in light. This can be both unpleasant and unhealthy; sunshine is a vital element to [...]

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